After a foiled attempt at breaking into the DNC headquarters, more evidence is surfacing that the five suspects were acting with support from others, possibly within the GOP's committee supporting president Nixon's reelection. This article discusses the appearance of campaign money in the account of one of the defendants in the case.

FACTS 10 - Facts abundantly, giving useful insights

The article is full of facts, important and less important, giving the reader enough background to develop an idea of events without much insinuation on the part of the authors. Wherever specific facts are corroborated, the parties affected - in this case for example Kenneth H. Dahlberg, whose $25'000 check was cashed into a suspect's account, are offered a chance to comment. Interpretations are shown ad interpretations, and not facts.

CONTEXT 10 - Guiding, but not hijacking the reader

The article provides the necessary context on all levels. It explains the roles of various people involved in a proper way, puts color to the person of the main person involved in the act (the check deposit), and gives perspective on people's reaction both in the GOP and the DNC, without drawing conclusions beyond what is possible at that particular moment in time.

SUMMARY - Still today, a role model of good journalism

The article from 1972, written at the time of the evolving Watergate scandal, shows many qualities that are important for good journalism. Not only are the facts limited to what is known at the time of the still evolving story, but they are abundant, cross-checked and put in context with current and past events. After reading the article, the recipient is informed about another important piece of the puzzle, but still not pushed towards any conclusions that would be premature.

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